Have a custom or modified Corvette? No problem. In addition to excelling at regular or normal repairs, including wear and tear, engine, drivetrain and vintage restoration, we shine at making performance upgrades to factory Corvettes as well as repairs to any type of customization to your vehicle.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of customers with their modified Corvettes, in all aspects and from any era. In addition to factory repair, some of the endless modifications we can provide include rebuilding engines, installing superchargers and turbos, installing after market performance packages, as well as custom tuning with our Dynamometer. We are distributors of most High end Performance parts. We’re here to guide you the entire way so that you will get exactly what you want.

• High Performance induction
• Engine Modification
• Superchargers
• High Performance cooling
• High Performance Suspension
• Differential Set up
• High Performance Clutch system
• Brakes Upgrade